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    Our wellness team is here to help you take complete control of your life and health. Our program provides lasting results.

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    Our program uses non-invasive procedures to deliver results without any of the fears and complications of surgery.

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    We work with you to determine the most suitable approach to help you lose weight faster and gain your life back.

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    After a thorough assessment of your unique issue, gentle treatment is used to allow your body to be the best it can be.

Coolsculpting: the future of noninvasive FAT REDUCTION HAS ARRIVED

What is CoolSculpting?

Developed by scientists at Harvard, CoolSculpting works by using extremely cold temperatures to freeze and remove pockets of fatty deposits. With each CoolSculpting session, fat cells can shrink up to 30%. This FDA-approved, clinically proven procedure achieves significant results and is very high in patient satisfaction. What areas does CoolSculpting treat:


  • ARMS



  • FLANKS (love handles)


  • NECK

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We have helped numerous patients lose weight, regain an active lifestyle, and get back to their favorite activities, all without surgery. Our CoolSculpting program uses advanced, whole-body solutions to help you lose weight, fast. We are proud to share our success with you.

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CoolSculpting Walnut Creek CA Before And After Photo

CoolSculpting® is a safe and convenient non-surgical treatment that can remove stubborn fatty deposits in areas where it is very difficult to lose weight. This innovative treatment has the ability to achieve some of the best results available for non-invasive body contouring. We provide CoolSculpting in Henderson, Las Vegas, Nashville, Greenville, Indianapolis, or any of our locations.


CoolSculpting uses a process known as cryolipolysis. This process distributes the cold temperatures directly to the unwanted areas of fat, targeting fat cells underneath the skin to safely remove them in a way that exercise and diet aren’t able to.

The fat cells are literally frozen by the extreme temperature. Once they are crystallized, the body eliminates them in a process that occurs gradually over the next few weeks. The result is a more toned and attractive body contour.

CoolSculpting is a completely non-surgical procedure with no time off needed, no injections, no anesthesia, and no incisions. In fact, patients can even drive themselves to and from their CoolSculpting appointment.

The length of your CoolSculpting treatment will depend on which areas are being treated, but each section treated usually takes about 30 minutes. Your CoolSculpting treatment will be customized to target your exact areas of concern.

You will be made comfortable on a reclining chair, and a gel pad will be placed onto your skin in the area that will be treated. Panel applicators then distribute vacuum pressure and intense cold to the area. The process isn’t painful, but you can expect the areas being treated to become extremely cold and/or tingling, and then numb. While the vacuum part of treatment is gentle, you may feel a tugging or pinching sensation. Most patients find this to be completely tolerable, and enjoy having a little time during their session to relax, read, listen to music, or browse around on their phone.

One of the most popular elements of CoolSculpting is that it’s an effective treatment with no downtime.

You can return to your regular daily activities after your treatment — however, you may experience a little tenderness, swelling, bruising, and sensitivity. These will go away within a few days.

Results will become apparent within three weeks, with final results at 2 to 4 months. These results are essentially permanent, as long as you maintain a healthy lifestyle with a proper diet and frequent exercise. The fat cells that were destroyed during treatment cannot return; however, if you do gain new weight, the small amount of fat cells that remain can become larger and make you appear heavier — un-doing some of the work that CoolSculpting did. This is why it is important to take good care of your body.

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Good candidates for medical weight loss

If you’re considering medical weight loss treatment in Walnut Creek then you may be an excellent candidate. The best candidates for our customized weight loss programs:

  • Have a BMI of 30 or over

  • Have tried other weight loss methods

  • Are at risk for medical problems due to their weight

  • Have genetic or medical conditions that make
    it harder to control weight

How does medical weight loss work

While most people think they know how to lose weight, the truth is that your body changes every year — which means that it will require a different weight-loss approach yearly in order to keep it at its healthiest. In addition, for most individuals, tracking calories and working out can be unsustainable. It’s important to understand your own habits, limits, personality, and lifestyle to create a weight loss plan that will actually work.

Losing weight and maintaining health

To get started, it’s important to remember how you lose weight. While most people feel healthy as soon as they see the scale begin to drop, the reality is that you have to get healthy before any lasting weight loss results can be achieved. 

At Distinguished You, our approach considers all of your current health factors, identifying the underlying reasons why you haven’t been able to lose weight in the past. And instead of just focusing on a number, we will help you get healthy as quickly as possible. The result is natural, lasting weight loss.



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